About Yagruma

Yagruma is a non-profit organization, registered as "AsociaciĆ³n Yagruma para el Arte Cubano" in Barcelona, Spain. ID# 598740


  • Ubaldo Huerta: Split my time between writing Python code, raising funds for Yagruma Association, answering support emails, etc.

    I was born in Havana, Cuba, "moved" to the US in 92. In 2002, I "emigrated" to Barcelona and started Loquo, a popular classifieds site, acquired by Ebay in 2005. You can reach me via email at ubaldo@yagruma.org or follow me at @ubaldo.

  • Hiram Centelles: My main duties at Yagruma are programming (Python, javascript), customer service, content moderation, etc.

    I'm from Havana. Received my BS in software engineering at CUJAE. In 2007, I co-founded revolico, a local classifieds site popular in Cuba. Currently living in Cordoba, Spain. You can email me at hcentelles@yagruma.org or contact me via twitter at @hcentelles.

  • Raquel Carrera: I promote Yagruma in Cuba and also moderate the web site.

    I was born in Havana, where I graduated from Art History. Later on I studied design in Salamanca and Barcelona (Spain). Interested in all things creative, always seeking projects where creativity is a central element. You may contact me at raquel@yagruma.org.


Yagruma server side code is written in Python, and runs in the App Engine, google's cloud computing offering. Payment processing done via Paypal. Client side javascript relies on JQuery.

Front end design (html + css) was done by Lasse Johnsen and Ricardo Valiente.

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