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Yagruma is a platform that enables creators and artists in Cuba just like you to seek funding to realize and spread their ideas

Creators keep all intellectual property rights for their projects. Do you have an idea that might work in Yagruma?

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How does it work?

How does the reward system work?

Creators are required to offer rewards to backers in exchange for their financial support. Rewards should be memorable and attractive objects or experiences derived from the project itself, such as invitations to a launch party, copy of a CD, mentions in credits, etc.

How much does it cost?

Creators pay 5% commission of the total amount raised, for projects where the goal is reached or exceeded within the specified deadline. Projects that don't reach the funding goal are free of charges.

Can my project received more funding that its established goal?

Yes. A project could receive funding during the entire funding period, even if it exceeds its goal.

Who keeps the intellectual property rights of the proyects?

Yagruma doesn't get any intellectual property rights over the proyects. Creators keep all intellectual property rights for their projects.

Where does the money come from?

Anyone can back a project in Yagruma. However, the vast majority of the funds will come from contributions from Cubans in the diaspora interested in supporting the vibrant independent art scene in Cuba.

Nevertheless, the creator's network friends and acquantainces is also an important source of contributions. Creators should also rely on social networks such as facebook or twitter to drum support for their projects in order to attract additional funding.

Why can't a project be partially funded?

Projects must reach their financial goal before the deadline or no money changes hands. Backers who contribute to unsuccessful projects get their money back.

This system assures that creators won't have to commit to carry out a project with insufficient funds. Backers, on the other hand, are more confident that their contributions will be properly used. A good strategy is to set the minimum goal amount sufficient to complete a project.

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Three steps

1 - Submit your proposal for review

Briefly tell us a bit about your project and the rewards you can offer along with information about yourself.

2 - Project approved and funding starts

You'll be notified to provide a detailed description of your project, images, video, financial goal, deadline and rewards. Funding period starts once your project is approved.

3 - Creator receive funds

If financial goal is reached within the funding period you specified, a wire transfer will be sent to the creator in Cuba.