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Project Requirements

Thank your for your interest in Yagruma!
Yagruma is a platform to fund projects that meet with the following requirements:

Only financing for projects: The proposal must have clear objective and a specific outcome. For example, documentary or music album production fits in Yagruma but seeking funds to buy a camera, rent a venue isn't allowed.

Creative projects in Cuba: We only accept artistic projects that are to be carried out in Cuba related music, photography, film, video, theater, publishing, etc. If your proposal doesn't quite fit a pre-existing category you can still send it as we're looking to expand to new areas.

Not a mechanism to start a business or cover expenses: Yagruma can't be used to finance an startup, for self-employment, buy supplies such as computers, printers, musical instruments, etc.

You will find more information about how it all works in the help pages.